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yemeni specialty 


Truly Great Coffee

Coffee is an essential part of our lives. No matter where you are, that morning cup of good coffee can change your whole day ahead. With the high demand of specialty coffee around the world; importers, roasters and coffee shops face high rates and difficulties in having access to great quality specialty coffee. Specifically when trying to get their hands on coffee from Yemen.


We are introducing affordable and accessible specialty coffee from Yemen, with cupping scores of 84+, making us the world’s only affordable Yemeni coffee producers.


We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee from some of the best and highest elevated farms in the world for a reasonable price.

Truly Special


Yemeni coffee is special and contains high flavored profiles that ranges from winey and fruity to flowery to chocolaty to all of them combined in one bean.


When farms are at elevations of 2000 meters and higher, you should expect nothing but great coffee. The earthy and complex nature of this coffee will indulge your taste buds with organic flavors that you didn’t know existed. Whether your customers are simple espresso drinkers or artistic caramel crunch frappuccino lovers, our coffee will simply leave its mark for awhile.

Truly Sustainable 


We care about the environment and we try our best to take care of this beautiful planet. Our coffee is naturally grown, hand-picked and sun dried without the use of chemicals or machinery.


We use zero plastic in the process and we ship our coffee in 100% biodegradable & recyclable jute bags, and recyclable hermetic bags.


Our coffee cherry skin is dried and sold in the local market to dried cherry skin drink lovers.


All our partners are local farmers with coffee farms that’s been owned by their families for hundreds of years and are well sought after.

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